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If you are a business owner who is struggling with balancing personal goals with business goals, BON has the background and experience in both areas to assist you in understanding the conflicts and working with you to develop a manageable solution.

BON is a consulting firm consisting of seasoned business professionals and personal financial professionals who provide business and advisory services. These services are focused on the coordination of business and personal goals with adequate preparation for corporate growth and succession of your business. BON’s new product offering, FirstCorePlan, offers business owners the platform to optimize their business valuation as they approach retirement age and coordinate that with their personal financial retirement plan … hence the name FirstCorePlan (First Coordinated Retirement Plan).

BON has the knowledge and expertise necessary to analyze every cornerstone of your business operations: capital sourcing, executive services, IT strategies, human resource management, sales management and marketing strategies.

In addition to our advisory services, we also provide leadership coaching and development, workshops, and strategic planning.

We have also been selected by Virtual-Q as a qualified reseller for their ‘cloud’ offering which lends itself to the market we serve … an IT ‘cloud solution' for small-medium sized businesses.
Business Owners Network (BON) provides business consulting services for start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs in small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB). If you are a business owner and faced with start-up, growth, or turnaround business challenges- it's time to turn to BON - a seasoned team of business professionals who will work with you to develop a strategic solution.
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