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Working in concert to provide our clients with the best possible strategic plan to achieve their specific business or personal goals, the members of the BON offers a menu of highly specialized services including:

     • A thorough analysis of the business owner’s objectives, needs, resources, opportunities, and threats 

     • A fully-integrated strategic plan with recommended action steps

     • An optimum business succession strategy 

     • An evaluation of the company's tax position, organizational structure, insurance, compensation, and                           retirement benefits programs 

     • An analysis of business performance trends 

     • A strategic plan for creating and managing business growth 

BON’s new product, FirstCorePlan, provides business owners the additional advantage of coordinating strategic business with personal financial planning thus: reducing the potential conflicts between business and personal goals, improving resource allocation decisions, and identifying the most effective strategies for realizing personal retirement goals, the goal is to accomplish this well ahead of that potential retirement date.

BON understands that one of the most pressing needs of small to medium sized businesses is the handling of the ‘ever-changing’ technology environment. BON's technology assessment partner will recognize the best solution to match the demands of the business within an acceptable, manageable budget. 

Having researched and experienced this market, BON has selected the Virtual-Q Cloud with their menu of ‘you pay for only what you use’ with no expensive technology requirements. This new ‘Cloud’ strategy allows the small to medium sized business to achieve the same performance levels as large companies with a budget that fits their business requirements.