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Who Is Business Owners Network (BON)?

Professionals with expertise and experience as business executives and owners on all levels of management including CEO, CSO, CFO, CTO and COO positions, plus experienced financial advisors and executive retirement planning specialists. 

Provides business consulting and personal financial advice to owners of privately-held companies.

What Is FirstCorePlan?

FirstCorePlan brings together all the professional expertise and elements of BON into a Coordinated Retirement Plan for Business Owners and their families by:

BON’s First Coordinated Retirement Plan (FirstCorePlan) is positioned as an all-inclusive Business and Personal Retirement Plan for Business Owners who plan to retire within the next 3-5 years.

FirstCorePlan provides the framework for identifying the most effective strategies and solutions to achieve the Owner’s Personal Wealth and Retirement Goals

Who Is BON?

What Is FirstCorePlan?

Facts that Create Need for FirstCorePlan

Business Owner's Retirement Planning Issues and Threats

Tough Retirement Questions Facing Business Owners

Business Owners Considerations  for Retirement Planning

Critical Retirement Factors for a Business Owner

Why FirstCorePlan?
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