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Recognizing that business owners and key executives have both unique opportunities and special obstacles in their pursuit of personal goals, the Business Owner’s Network provides expertise in all areas of strategic business and personal planning to achieve optimum results for business owners and key executives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

•How do I optimize the wealth value of my business as I approach retirement  age?

•What is the true value of my business? 

•Which employee benefit plans are the most effective? 

•What is the optimum use of my company's cash flow?

•When is the best time to transfer my ownership in the business?

•What is the best method of transferring ownership (i.e. sale, liquidation,    trusts, etc.)? 

•How do I protect my family from my untimely death or disability?

•How do I prevent the IRS from becoming the primary beneficiary of my  estate?

•What is the best strategy for a smooth and orderly succession of  ownership? 

•How can I protect my family from legal liability? 

•How can I build a company that will attract and retain good employees? 

•How can I keep up with changes in Information Technology and decide on      the best IT strategy that is cost effective for my business? 

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Global Expansion Strategies
Three Ancient Secrets to Leadership and Business Success: